Use of Snap Chat GeoFilter at a Trade Show

During PowerGen International 2016 in Orlando, Florida, we worked with our customer, Circor Energy, to produce a custom SnapChat geofilter for their booth space. This was a trial run to find out how engaged booth visitors were with the Circor Energy booth and if visitors were using the social app SnapChat. Above is the chart of the results and we’ll break down the total return on the investment below.

Views = 1,349 
Uses = 30 People

Average Cost per User = $1.73 ($52.00 Total Cost / 30 Uses)
Average Cost per View = $0.04 Cents ($52 Total Cost / 1350 Views) 

This was a size of 36,000 sq. ft. of space being used on the custom geofilter that we created. Pricing does vary dependent on the amount of space that you decide to use.

Overall, the imitative was successful and we look forward to exploring with other customers on how we may be able to help them engage visitors using this service. Please get in touch if you would like to explore some ideas on how we can help.